Dont Get Left at the Dock

  • CLOSE THE LOOP: Stop Fire Fighting and start Managing.
  • In an ever changing technological world our customers expect us to stay up to date
  • Marina Monkey gives Management an over arching view of where things are at – all in one place. Work as a team, Support as a Team
  • Completely customizable for your Dealership

Game Changer

  • EASY COMMUNICATION: Clear & Interdepartmental
  • Be everywhere your customers are using real-time app notifications
  • Your facility is a big place. Wherever your staff members area they are connected and ready to help
  • Increased Efficiency: More time for team member to accomplish goals

Exceed Expectations

  • Customers know when their requests are completed or in progress
  • Take your service to the next level and build a team of enthusiastic customers
  • Nothing gets lost in the Junk Mail abyss since all of your service requests are easy to find in one place
  • EASY COMMUNICATION: ask for help from the right team member